The Old House

Lasky House  215 W. New Castle St. Butler Pa

The Old House was built in the 1880’s and restored in memory of the late Samuel Lasky and in honor of Mrs. Eleanor DeMatteis Lasky, my parents.Dad was a veteran with medals and received the Purple Heart. He was formerly Chief of Police in Butler and owner and Chief of Star Security Detective Agency.

The Old House Restoration

Dad and I saw the potential beauty of this Italianate brick residence. For many years we referred to this residence as “The Old House”. Today it is named “Lasky House” in Dad’s honor. Many years ago I started my first antiques business in the dining room of the old house and registered my business name as, “The Old House”.

When Dad passed away the house was part of his estate. At that time it seemed evident that potential buyers would tear down the house for a parking lot. That is when I made the decision to take complete a whole house restoration in Dad’s memory.

Major restoration to Lasky House began in 2003….
For starters, Homer the pigeon and his family had to be evicted from the third floor penthouse (attic).

To begin the restoration, the old plaster over brick interior walls were restored by an expert local craftsman. The electric, plumbing and furnace were updated for efficiency. Next wood casements, moldings, and interior wood window shutters were stripped of white paint.

Once the basics were complete, artist Paul Means used his talent to grain paint casements, panel doors, and cove molding to simulate quarter cut oak, rosewood, etc. The walls of the music parlor were painted a rich mahogany color. Over top of the base color, Scroll stencil designs were painted and enhanced by shading and copper highlights,

The North Parlor exhibits a great example of early lighting from the 19th century.

Laurie’s Tea Room believed to have been the original kitchen was named after the late Laura Walker Behrens. Laurie will always be remembered for her gracious spirit, and as the best friend anyone could ever have. Laurie was a great asset to my ongoing business ventures.

The Room in the back, was added to the original house in 1899. The earlier exterior doorway leading into the present kitchen has a stately door with side by side glass panels, an architectural stone overhead and stone threshold below.

Second Floor – Hallway and Bedrooms – Overhead glass transoms incorporated into door frames invite light into each room and casements, fireplace mantles, and shutters simulate quarter cut oak. The wide pine floor boards add warm natural hue after many hours of scraping and sanding.

Light flows into the many arched windows of this antiquated city residence, the house being cushioned between tall aged buildings, churches, doctors offices, beauty parlors, and Butler’s modern safety building. Looking out the windows one notices a lapse of time between old and new architecture but somehow a harmony of color and design exists. Views of old steeples, stain glass windows, brick paved streets and remaining early 20th century dwellings tell a story of Butler’s past and present.

A Photographers Bench originally used as a prop by Wagner Studios circa 1910 is on display. Carol purchased this many years ago from relatives of Wagner. The bench remains an object of beauty.

Our small house museum offers: antique furniture, fine and decorative art – paintings, sculpture, and small antiques on display and for sale.

Lasky House will be open at Christmas time.  Please call for an appointment: 724-287-4868.

Any past history of this house will be greatly appreciated. Please E-mail. [email protected]

History of Lasky House:

The following history of owner/residents below came from Butler County Court House records. More details are being compiled as research continues.

Adam Troutman Jr. and wife Margaret – Eldest son of Adam Troutman Sr.

Grandchildren of Adam and Margaret – Alfred Henry Ziegler & wife Kathleen: son of Mary Troutman Ziegler and William G. Ziegler; Adam J. Hazlett: Son of Louisa Troutman Hazlettt and J. B. Hazlett- Charoles H. Troutman, Gertrude J. Campbell, Frank E. Troutman, Jessie H. Hughes, Mary L. Parken, Helen T. Waldron.

August 8, 1927 – Albert C. Troutman & wife Lillian, and youngest son of Adam Troutman Jr.

May 26, 1930 – Kathleen W. Brandon and J. Campbell Brandon

July 16, 1930 – Lawence M. White

Oct 4, 1971 – Samuel Lasky.

2003 – to present – Carol Lasky Foster, daughter of the late Samuel Lasky.