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Equitable Distribution for Estate Purposes

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Oral Consultations 

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 Estate Purposes

I provide professional appraisals  for estate purposes.  Please see my qualifications for a list of the many categories of art and antiques of which I have expertise.

Insurance Appraisals

A written appraisal is essential for insuring valuables.  I am recognized by insurance companies at large who choose to hire an accredited appraiser.

Damage and Loss Appraisals

I have appraised antiques and  fine and decorative art that have become damaged in moving, broken, fire damaged or destroyed.  My aim is to provide unbiased opinions, as well as provide facts necessary for thoughtful conclusions.

Equitable Distribution

An unbiased opinion of value is generally wise before distribution. This service may be very helpful for identifying your valuables; dividing among family members, and for gifting your heirlooms.

Oral Consultations

My 30 years of experience enables me to do a “walk through” .  Many appraisers do not offer this service.  This service begins with an initial viewing of the objects in question.

Research is an important part of the assignment for significantly important or valuable items.   This process will point to individual appropriate market places.

Research is done in my appraisal office using the tools of the trade and my extensive library.  An initial fee will be quoted and a per hour fee for in office work.


Fees vary with the size and scope of each assignment and requires an in depth conversation with Carol. Note: A verbal list and number of items will be helpful before calling.
My priority is serve you and share my expertise.  Confidentiality is first and foremost in my appraisal services.
Telephone  724-287-4868  
Appraisal work takes me out of the office.  Please allow time for a return call, or feel free to call again at your convenience.