Madame Alexander Blushing Bride and Bridesmaid

Need advice on old dolls? Carol started collecting dolls in the 1970’s. She began by assembling dolls for the Mars Home for Children. Many ladies donated their personal childhood dolls to be cleaned and restored for this cause. After making the donation, Carol began collecting for herself and her little daugher, Laura. She then began selling and trading at shows. The assembled doll collection is now on display at Lasky House.

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Unusual 21 inches tall….These Madame Alexander “Blushing Brides and Bridesmaid” composition dolls, a bride and a bridesmaid.

The dolls are not marked but the clothing is tagged. They have been gently played with. Call for more details.

Doll Tips: Composition is one of the most difficult base materials to preserve. Keep these dolls in a moderate regulated temperature away from drafts and forced air. It is NOT a good idea to store in the attic or basement! The crazing is a sign of age, yes. But does it enhance the doll, definitely NOT!!!

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